AChat-PHP is an access standards compliant Web-based synchronous communication tool. It allows assistive technology users, who would not otherwise have access to such tools as they currently exist, to participate fully in online real time communication activities. Try the demo to experience AChat for yourself.

AChat-PHP screenshot

AChat-PHP Features

  • Message Checking: Like many other Chat applications the message refresh rate can be controlled by the user. For screen reader users the refresh rate can be controlled manually.
  • Message Chime: An audio signal can be turned on to alert users when new messages have been posted.
  • Message Sorting: The order in which message appear can be controlled so new messages appear at the top of the screen or at the bottom. Screen reader users will likely prefer new messages to appear at the top of the screen so their screen reader immediately begins reading these messages when the page is refreshed. Low vision users, perhaps using a screen magnification program, will likely prefer new messages to appear at the bottom of the screen, close to the composed message field.
  • Message Display: Users may choose to display only new messages, reducing the amount of information appearing on the screen at one time.
  • Navigation Aids: Direct keyboard access is available for activating various AChat-PHP features. It is easy to navigate through AChat-PHP without ever using a mouse.
  • Message History: Users entering a chat after it has been running for a period, can access a full history of messages to catch up on the discussions they've missed.
  • Message Transcripts: Chat administrators can archive chat transcripts for future review, or for public access after a chat session has ended.