AChat-PHP Download


  • HTTP Web Server (Apache 1.3.x is recommended.).
  • PHP 4.1.x or higher.


Please review the requirements above before attempting an installation.

Latest PHP Version
 Download AChat-PHP AChat-PHP 1.0a Download! (52 KB TGZ)

AChat-PHP Installation Instructions

  1. tar xzvf AChat-x.x.x.tar.gz (unpack into a Web accessible, PHP enabled directory)
  2. chown -R nobody:nobody AChat (change the ownership recursively through the "AChat/" directory to the Web server owner).
    Or if your server won't let you change the owner, use the following:
    • cd AChat (enter the achat directory)
    • chmod -R 777 msgs/ (make the messages directory writable)
    • chmod -R 777 tran/ (make the transcripts directory writable)
    • chmod -R 777 users/ (make the users directory writable)
    • chmod 777 admin.settings (make the AChat default settings file writable for the administrator)
  3. Open the admin settings page in your preferred browser (e.g. and login using the password "password." Edit the default settings as needed.
  4. Open AChat in your preferred browser and create a New User(

AChat Perl

The primary version of AChat that receives most of our attention is the Perl version. If your system has Perl support, you might want to use the Perl version instead of the PHP version. See the AChat Perl web site for full details and a demo.

Latest Perl Version
 Download AChat-Perl AChat-Perl 3.3 Download! (389 KB TAR)