AChecker PHP Download

Installation Instructions: Server requirements are the same as the ATutor Requirements. After downloading the file, unpack it into a PHP enabled directory, then in your browser open the install scripts by pointing your broweer to: http://[]/achecker/install/. Then follow the instructions.

Latest Stable Version
 Download AChecker AChecker 1.3! (6 MB TGZ)

AChecker Plugin for TinyMCE

Our accessibility checker may now be integrated into the popular HTML editor TinyMCE. It's easy! Download this small zip file that contains the integration script. Unzip the files into the TinyMCE "plugins" folder on your computer (TinyMce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins). Restart TinyMCE and there will be a new icon in the toolbar for accessibility checking your HTML files.

AChecker Plugin
 Download AChecker AChecker for TinyMCE! (4 KB zip)