The following ACollab Demo is available to test using a regular member account, or a group administrator account. You may login directly to the demo using the forms below.

Member Demo

  • ACollab members have access to forums, chat room, an inbox, events calendar, shared documents library, document drafting room, and a group membership index. Or, login to the ATutor "Play Here Course", and access group features using the ATutor addon links.
  • Login with the username member and password member.

Group Administrator Demo

  • ACollab group administrative features include options to create chat transcripts, define categories for sorting documents and group membership roles, create and manage forums, create mailing lists, post news and announcements, and manage group members.
  • Login with the username group_admin and password group_admin

ACollab Add-On

ACollab can also be accessed as an add-on feature from ATutor. You can try this from the Play Here Course in the ATutor Instructor Demo. Login with the username demo and the password demo. ACollab can be accessed from ATutor through the 'Groups' link in the navigation bar or the 'Tools' page.