Accessibility Features

ACollab includes features to ensure people using assistive technology are able to participate fully in online interaction. These features are described below.

  1. Navigation bypass link: In the top left corner is a hidden bypass link that allows screen reader users to skip over the repetitive navigation elements at the top of the screen, and jump directly to the content being presented.
  2. Keyboard Access: Many features include direct keyboard access so users can navigate within ACollab without ever using a mouse. Depending on the browser you are using, accesskey will either activate a feature, or send the cursor to a features after which you may need to press the Tab key, or the Enter key, to activate the feature. To discover keyboard command, hover a mouse pointer over features to display its "title" information (note that this does not work in all browsers), or listen for the Alt key combination with your screen reader. Below is a list of accesskeys found in ACollab:
    Shortcut Access Keys:
    Alt-0: The Group List link.
    Alt-1: The Home Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-2: The Forums Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-3: The Chat Room Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-4: The Inbox Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-5: The Calendar Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-6: The Library Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-7: The Drafting Room Tab in the main navigation.
    Alt-8: The Group Members Tab in the main navigation.

    Chat Keys:
    Alt-c: Jump to compose message
    Alt-r: Refresh messages
    Alt-m: Jump to Message list
    Alt-q: Jump to Chat Help
  3. Accessible Chat: While in the chat application of ACollab, choose Edit Preferences, choose from the options to Manual Refresh Message Checking, choose to order message from "New to Old" for screen reader users, or "Old to New" for screen magnifier users. Once in the Chat, see the Chat Help for more about navigating within the Chat Room.
  4. Focus Highlights: When using the Tab key to move through the features of the ACollab interface, the location of the cursor is highlighted in yellow.
  5. Image Alternatives: All images in the ACollab interface include a text alternative that can be read by assistive technologies.