AComm is an accessible Java-based Instant Messaging and Whiteboard tool. It has been designed to allow assistive technology users to participate in synchronous Internet-based communication activities that have traditionally been inaccessible to them. Features that set AComm apart from other similar systems are its full keyboard functionality, allowing users to draw without using a mouse; and peer descriptions, so a sighted user can type a text description of the whiteboard content that a blind person can listen to. Download the AComm jar file and use it to connect to one of the many public jabber servers.

ACommunicator screenshot

AComm Features

  • User can login to an existing Jabber account or sign up for a new one.
  • Roster provides "presence" information for contacts.
  • Users can participate in private or group chat/whiteboard sessions
  • Text chat window and optional whiteboard
  • Participant list on demand.
  • A variety of whiteboard drawing tools are available
  • Peer description allows any participant to describe the drawn objects. Anti-collision feature ensures one describer per object.
  • Accessibility options
    • Option to play sound effect when a new message arrives.
    • Keyboard drawing checkbox
    • Manual refresh checkbox
    • Show only new checkbox
    • Newest message first checkbox
  • Keyboard enabled drawing lets users use some features of the whiteboard without a mouse.
  • Save and open palette feature lets users create and describe pictures beforehand.