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AComm is a Java application and requires that a Java Runtime Environment be installed on system it is running on. Many systems today include a JRE by default, so you may already be setup to use AComm. If your system does not have a Java JRE, follow the link below to download and install Java. Once installed, Windows users can simply click on the downloaded AComm JAR file to start AComm. Unix users can run the command java -jar acomm.jar.


Please review the requirements above before using AComm. Download the zip file below, then unzip it to extract a single JAR file. Note that this is an early Alpha release, and though it may function effectively, it may contain the occasional bug. It is available primariliy to allow potential users to offer comments, report bugs, or provide feedback on ways to improve upon the tool.

Latest Version
 Download AComm AComm-alpha Download! (2.0 MB