AContent Demo

AContent 1.4 Development Demo

Counting down to the next demo site refresh.

The Key New Features

  • Template Editor: Administrators can create content themes, page layouts, and lesson structures.
  • Structures: Authors can select from the available lesson structures to prepopulate a lesson, or unit, or course with placeholders for content, folders, activities, assessments etc..
  • Themes: Authors can apply a common look over one, or a collection of course content to produce a consistent presentation.
  • Page Templates: Authors can assemble preformatted page tamplates to arrange content on a page in a whole range of layouts.

Login here with the Author account Login = demo, Password = demo or with the Administrator account Login = demoadmin, Password = demoadmin (default). If you find any bugs, or have suggestions, please post your comments to the Bug Reports forum.

This demo refreshes every 6 hours with a fresh copy plus the latest code updates. Feel free to experiment, but be aware your changes will be deleted.

AContent 1.3 Demo

This is a full featured author demo of the current stable AContent 1.3, including the Common Cartridge authoring, import, and export tools. You may use the default Author account to login (login name: demo | password :demo), or you can create an account of your own using the demo AContent Registration.