Change Log

ATutor 2.2

Aug 25, 2014

  • Database Abstraction: All mysql database queries in ATutor have been replaced with the new queryDB() function, support for mysqli has been added, and preparation is underway to support other databases in future versions of ATutor.
  • Course Manage Toolbar: Instructors can now enable the course manage toolbar to slide in context sensitive tools for managing course content, tests, forums, course properties, and more. Provides quick access to tools from the front end student view in ATutor.
  • Responsive Themes: ATutor themes now adapt automatically to various screen resolutions and various device windows.
  • Content Editor Accessibility Tab: The AChecker accessibility tab has been added to the content editor, which produces accessibility reports displayed natively within ATutor.
  • Forum Updates: Forum have been streamlined with a new "topic" approach to forum communication, replacing the previous "thread" approach. Inline editor allows posts and replies through a slide-in posting form.
  • Calendar Module: Thanks to Herat Ghandi from our 2012 Google Summer of Code students, who created a very functional Calendar module for ATutor, which is now added as a standard module. Integrates seamlessly with Google calendars. Keep track of test and assignment dates, personal events, and more.
  • WAI-ARIA Enhancements: A variety of WAI-ARIA enhancements have been added to improve the user experience for those navigating ATutor with a screen reader.
  • New Default Theme: As with all major releases, a new theme has been added, with floating tool bars, switches to enable/disable course manage tools, and to switch between mobile and responsive themes when viewing ATutor on a mobile device, and a new collapsible sub-navigation bar. Custom themes will need to be updated for this release. See the 21to22_update_css.css file in the themes directory of ATutor 2.2 for details on updating themes.
  • Auto Enroll Updates:: The auto enroll feature now allows students already registered on the system to automatically enroll in a batch of courses, previously only new students could use this feature.
  • Course Manage Tools Update: The instructors course management tools screen has been redesigned, with a new layout and icons for visual enhancement.
  • Lots of other minor Updates: See the Mantis ChangeLog for additional details on changes in this release

ATutor 2.1.1

March 15, 2013

  • MultiSite ATutor Updates: Additional modifications have been made to ATutor Multisite for added stability, including better support for subsite custom themes, and for automated upgrading of multisite installations.
  • Expanded Metadata: For courses that are public and should be indexed by external search engines, keyword, description, and title metadata has been improved to produce more effective search results.
  • Simple Desktop Update: Various adjustments have been made to the Simple Desktop theme to produce more consistent cross-browser display of the user interface.
  • PHP 5.4 Support: The codebase has been updated to support the changes introduced in PHP 5.4.
  • Session Timeout Improved: Users are no longer logged out when they have multiple ATutor windows open and one of them happens to timeout. Administrators can also control the timeout period, extending or reducing it in the System Preferences.
  • Disable Create Courses: For administrators that would prefer to manage the creation of new courses rather than leaving it to instructors, a Disable Create Course setting has been added to System Preferences.
  • Randomized Questions: The bug that caused questions not to be randomized when presenting tests from a pool of questions, has been resolved.
  • Math Equation Editor: The WIRIS math equation editor has been added to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor adding a full range of mathematical notation authoring from anywhere in ATutor that uses the editor.
  • Remedial Content: Test authors can now include remedial content with the feedback presented after failing test questions.
  • Live Link AContent: Instructors can link content from the AContent repository into the content of their courses, leaving the content in the repository rather than importing the associated files. This allows authors to maintain a single copy of content, with updates to it automatically updating across all courses using it.
  • Language Caching Improved: The caching of language has been improved to minimize the need to access language from the database, improving page load times by about a factor of 10. This greatly improves database efficiency for system with many courses and many students accessing ATutor at the same time. Administrators can also set the lifetime of the cache, controlling how often it gets refreshed.
  • Web Search Details: A new Web Search detail box has been added to make it possible to embed a Google search box along with other course tools.
  • New DB Access Function: In preparation for the switch over to mysqli when PHP deprecates the long standing "mysql" functions for accessing MySQL, and in preparation for support of databases other than MySQL, as well as reducing the size of the codebase and reducing the risk of inadvertantly introducing sql injection vulnerabilities, the new "queryDB()" function has been added. Developers should now use this function rather than the "mysql" functions to query the ATutor database. See the ATutor Developer Documentation for details.
  • Many other adjustments and fixes: see the change tracker for a more complete list

ATutor 2.1

October 5, 2012

  • MultiSite ATutor: Using a single ATutor code base, create many independent ATutor servers. Great for service providers who want to manage multiple ATutor installations from a single location. Great for users, with no more need for upgrades. Add the Manage Multisite module to ATutor to enable multisite capabilities.
  • New Look: The ATutor 2.1 series has a new default look-and-feel, in addition to all themes from previous versions.
  • iPad Theme: In addition to using ATutor on your smartphone, now use it on your iPad.
  • Simple Theme: Based on the iPad theme, this desktop theme greatly simplifies the user interface for those who prefer a minimal, non-cluttered look of an iPad App.
  • Updated Timezones: Rather than trying to accomodate GMT and UTC, just add or subtract hours to set the timezone by setting your local time.
  • Things Current Option: A system preference setting has been added to enable or disable the Things Current area of My Start Page, making it possible to hide it away when not used.
  • Internet Explorer Adjustments: Many of the IE 7 to 9 display and functionality problems have had workarounds added to accomodate their inconsistencies.
  • Installer Javascript Check: The installer now requires Javascript to be enabled, ensuring passwords are properly encrypted during installation.
  • Visual Editor Update: The TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor has been updated to the latest version (v3.5.5), and now works better with Internet Explorer 9. See the TinyMCE Changelog for a list of features and fixes added since the previous version (v3.3) used in ATutor.
  • Images in Test Questions: Problems adding images to test questions has been resolved.
  • Forum Notification Enhancement: Messages from subscribed forums now include the forum and thread titles, allowing forum messages to be more easily sorted in email clients.
  • Multifile Uploader Translation: All the language from the Fluid multi-file uploader has now been extracted and translated, allowing the tool to be used in languages other than English.
  • Security Enhancements: All internal links are now filtered to prevent potential XSS vulnerabilities through links on malicious external sites attempting to mimic ATutor to gain access to user session information.
  • Many other adjustments: see the change tracker for a more complete list

ATutor 2.0.3

September 14, 2011

  • Integrated Assignment Drop Box: The assignment dropbox module, previously an addon module, has been integrated into the ATutor core code base.
  • Integrated External Tools Module: The external tools module, previously an addon module, has been integrated into the ATutor core code base. This module adds IMS Basic Learning Tool Interoperability (BLTI) support to ATutor, making it possible to seamlessly link external elearning tools into ATutor.
  • Security Enhancements: Many new security enhancements have been added.
  • Fluid Infusion Upgrade: Fluid Infusion, used to create many of the "Web 2.0" interactivty in ATutor, has been upgraded to version 1.4. This upgrade fixes a variety of bugs, including the MultiFile Uploader, which now works across a wider range of browsers.
  • IMS Common Cartridge Updates: The IMS Common Cartidge validation libraries have been updated, fixing a number of content interoperability bugs. The speed of cartridge validation during import has been greatly increased.
  • Refinements and Bug Fixes: Lots of smaller bug fixed and theme refinements, many of which are listed in the bug tracker's changlog

ATutor 2.0.2

December 21, 2010

  • Vimeo Video Support: Much like embedding Youtube videos in content using the ATutor [media] tag, embed your Vimeo videos as well.
  • Group Photo Albums: ATutor's Photo Album module has been extended to provide group level albums that group members can use to share photos with others in a group.
  • Module API Editor Tool Extension: The module developer API has been extended to allow developers to create modules that extend the ATutor Content Editor. Soon to be available, a BasicLTI extension.
  • Many Theme and Bug Fixes: See the bug tracker changelog for a list of significant fixes added in this release.

ATutor 2.0.1

October 20, 2010

  • Flowplayer Upgrade: Upgrade to Flowplayer 3.2.4. Adds support for mp3, mp4, and mov media formats.
  • Common Cartridge & AccessForAll Refinements: Added support for remote content as part of Common Cartridge and AccessForAll course materials.
  • Big File Support: Larger media files can now be imported into ATutor, and large courses can now be moved around more easily in course backups or Common Cartridges.
  • Theme Refinements: Many adjustments have been made to the default themes included with ATutor, providing support for a broader range of browsers, and for ATutor displayed in right-to-left languages.
  • Mobile Theme: The first version of the ATutor mobile theme, created during the 2010 Google Summer of Code, is now included with the ATutor public source code. Users can now use ATutor on their iPhone, Blackberry, or their Android mobile device.
  • Fixes and Adjustments: Lots of feature adjustments and bug fixes have been included in this release. Browse the Bug Tracker for a list of all the changes.

ATutor 2.0

July 6 2010

  • Common Cartridge & AccessForAll Integration: Import, export, and author interoperable Common Cartridges with AccessForAll adapted content included.
  • Code Restructuring: Much of the source code has been restructured to better modularize core and standard modules, making it easier for developers to swap modules for their own custom versions.
  • AccessForAll Toolbar: While viewing content that has adapted versions available, toggle the adaptions on and off to see what's available, or set your preferred content type (textual, visual, auditory, sign) in your preference settings.
  • Preferences Wizard: Easily adjust any of your personal preferences from anywhere within ATutor to control the appearance, which content formats you prefer, the navigation features added, and various other ATutor settings.
  • Simplified Content Editor: The interface of the content editor has been simplified to make it easier for novice content authors to create their own accessible and interoperable elearning materials.
  • New Look and Feel: The default theme has been updated with a new look, integrating a variety of accessible Web 2.0 functionality, like drag and drop features and inline editing.
  • FlowPlayer Integration: The FlowPlayer open source multimedia player has been integrated into ATutor, making it possible for users to view video-based content without needing a movie player plugin.
  • Integrated Photo Gallery: The ATutor Photo Gallery module has now been integrated into the system as a standard module. Create private, shared, course, and profile albums. Link your galleries into your ATutor Social networking area, or access galleries in your courses.
  • Things Current: ATutor modules have been extended with a new News feature that feeds out anything changing in content associated with the module. All the news feeds are compiled into the Things Current list that appears on a users My Start Page.
  • AContent Authoring Tool and Repository: Add the NEW Transformable authoring tool and repository to your ATutor installation to house shared content. Search the repository for content, and import content directly into your ATutor courses. Or, export content directly from ATutor into the repository, for sharing or editing.
  • OAuth Integration: The Open Authentication standard has been implemented in ATutor, making it much easier to link it to other systems that support the standard, create a single signon across the systems ATutor might be paired with.
  • ATutor Social API: Developers can now gather information from ATutor Social to integrate into other social networks, or to develop mobile, desktop, and Web applications for accessing ATutor networks.

  • See the Mantis Changelog for additional adjustments and bug fixes.
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