Latest Stable Distribution

Please review the Requirements section before attempting an installation then follow the Installation or Upgrade instructions. To find older versions of ATutor, visit ATutor on Sourceforge. See the Latest Development Version, below, if you are using PHP7+.

Latest Stable Version
 Download ATutor 2.2.4 ATutor 2.2.4 Download ! (10.9 MB TGZ)

ATutor Modules
Addon Modules!

Language Packs

Language packs are made available as they are completed for each stable release of ATutor. The administrator may import and modify language packs. Additional information and the language packs themselves are available on the Translation Site.

Latest Languages
Translation Site!

System Software

Various platform specific bundles of Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, etc. are available to quickly setup the system software required to run ATutor.

System Software
EasyPHP for Windows! (18.5 MB exe)

System Software
XAMPP (for all platforms) !

System Software
MAMP (for Macs) !