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Summary 0005761: Export from ATutor fails
Revision 2017-02-23 19:13 by greg
Steps To Reproduce Requires an integrated ATutor with AContent Setup

Login to an ATutor course as its instructor.
Open a simple content page.
Turn on the Manage tools (slider button).
Click on Export Content in the Manage tabs.
In the Export Content area choose "Common Cartidge" and check Export content to the AContent repository, and press the Export button.
After being forwarded to AContent, enter your AContent author credentials and press Login.

You are then redirected back to ATutor where the error message appears.

AContent lesson import failed at:
No response from AContent. It might because the course is too big to be auto-imported into AContent, or unknown problems occurred. Please download the ATutor package and manually import into AContent. (AT_ERROR_TILE_IMPORT_FAIL)
Revision 2017-02-23 19:01 by greg
Steps To Reproduce

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