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0001995ATutorLanguagepublic2005-07-20 13:342005-12-13 05:49
0001995: available languages are not listed in profile
Languages installed on a system are not listed on the user's Profile screen, or in the administrator Manage Exiting Languages select menu. Installed languages can't currently be removed.
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2005-07-20 14:07   
The problem seems to be that partial language packs are listed as unpublished, and thus don't show up unless translation is turned on. This is probably ok, but there needs to be a way to publish languages that are complete (or incomplete if someone chooses). The publish button seems to be missing.
2005-07-20 14:12   
available languages do show up in the footer, despite being unpublished and translation off. This seems to be incorrect if the published flag is being used to determine if a language is displayed or not.