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0002178ATutorAdminpublic2005-11-25 13:352005-12-01 08:17
0002178: admin manage existing languages
Only English appears in the first select menu in the Language Manager. All available languages on the system should appear.
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2005-11-25 13:40   
Except for the list in the footer, this seems to be a system wide problem. Languages missing from admin preferences, user preferecnes, and create course language selectors.
2005-11-28 07:51   
there are no 1.5.2 language packs. so where are you getting them from?
2005-11-28 08:19   
Export from SVN using the Lanaguage Manager on, though 1.5.1 packs should also work.
2005-11-29 12:17   
(edited on: 2005-11-29 12:57)
I tried installing the 1.5.1 Ukranian pack on a fresh install from SVN, so I could delete English and update it with a copy from the SVN language db. The UK pack installed okay, and the language was displayed properly in the language select menus throughout, and the English pack deleted okay.

Reinstalling the English went okay, but English was not listed in the available languages the select menus. The listing of languages in the footer seem okay.

Then I deleted the UK pack and tried reinstalling it, but it failed telling the language already exists. It tried installing other 1.5.1 and SVN packs and got the same error message. The languages were deleted properly from the db.

Finally I deleted the left over language file in the import directory then languages could be installed again, until I generated the message already exists message again by trying to install a lanugage did exists.

Then more problems.... I think the language manager needs a good going over.