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0002285ATutorModulespublic2006-01-05 07:142006-05-02 06:18
0002285: new modules in svn
why aren't the new modules in SVN?

DONE in the phpmyadmin module change all mysql_query($sql) to mysql_query($sql, $db).

DONE and $phpmyadmin_url = addslashes(stripslashes($_REQUEST['phpmyadmin_url'])); isn't correct if magic_quotes isn't enabled.

DONE and shouldn't be using INSERT and UPDATE. a single REPLACE will do.

DONE and don't use select *. and don't use mysql_fetch_array()

DONE and use correct indenting and alternate if-statement notation within HTML.

DONE and buttons shouldn't be so verbose. "Save" "Open" is enough. no need for "Save phpMyAdmin Location" language.

DONE and no need to define AT_PRIV_PHPMYADMIN since there is no instructor priv.

DONE and phpmyadmin should NOT be an assignable privilege! any admin with such priv can just get the password of any super admin or even change their priv.
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2006-01-05 10:11   
phpmyadmin doesn't have a cancel button when editing.

the form divs aren't nested correctly.

why not just have the edit form within the edit box? could do the same thing.
2006-01-05 10:12   
(edited on: 2006-01-05 11:26)
DONE phpmyadmin selects from the db to get the config data. that's not needed.

2006-01-06 07:34   
same issues with the ccnet module.