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0002362ATutorTests/Surveyspublic2006-04-13 05:352007-08-01 13:19
0002362: refresh tests
there was the reported issue of refreshing randomized tests to get different questions. a solution could be to save the test questions as a result for that test, but with all answers blank and the final_mark set to some special value. when someone refreshes the test then it'll grab the test based on the empty results test.
changes to the marking/submission page would have to filter out those tests so that instructors don't mark them before they're done. a cron could be run weekly to delete old saved tests that haven't been taken.
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should we do this for 1.5.3?
2007-07-06 08:14   
2007-07-06 08:30   
(edited on: 2007-07-06 08:31)
- add `status` to test_results to designate 'in progress' tests.
- update the table so that all previous taken tests are 'complete' (when upgrading).
- these results should not be included in question stats or other submission stats on the admin page.
- when viewing an 'in progress' test then it should retrieve the same test.
- the 'in progress' results will not be listed on the `my tests` page.
- obviously, the `insert`s have to be changed to `update`s when saving the question result.

2007-07-09 06:33   
conflicts with guest tests.
2007-08-01 13:19   
random test still show a new test when page is refreshed