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0002372ATutorGroupspublic2006-04-13 11:122006-05-02 06:17
0002372: Inconsistent group numbers
Group member numbers listed on the main Groups page, do not correspond with those listed on the Members screen that leads from the Members button.

eg I have the following on the Groups page.

assignment 1 (3 groups)
ass_1_ 1 (2 members)
ass_1_ 2 (2 members)
ass_1_ 3 (1 members)

But There are only 4 group members
b_bob3 bob bob3
b_bob4 bob bob4
b_bob5 bob bob5
b_bob6 bob bob6

The first two listed in group 1, and one each for the remaining two groups.
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2006-04-13 11:22   
The problem appears to be TAs being assigned to groups but not being listed as a group members in the members list. Should TAs be assigned to groups? Probably yes but handled differently than students. TA members should be listed but with a TA flag that identifies them. After cretaing groups ramdomly, an instructor can then go in and redistribute TA acroiss groups if they happen not to be evenly distributed. I'm open to better ways to handle TAs if you can think of one.
2006-04-13 11:25   
TAs should not be assigned to groups.

you'll have to specify the steps you used which resulted in TAs being assigned to the group.
2006-04-13 11:57   
making a student a TA after they have been assigned to a group doesn't remove them.