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0002405: group-assistant confusion
Right now all assistants ("enrolled with privileges") are members of all groups. i.e. as soon as a student is given a privilege (say Announcements), they are no longer a normal student, but inexplicitly become an assistant, and are able to view and manage all material for all groups.

I think this could be extremely confusing to instructors who think that by clicking 'announcements' they're student remains a regular student except for that privilege, where in fact, the student is now has more than that.

Ways of dealing with this:
-create a new privilege (as a module) for supervising groups, assigning assistants to oversee specific groups

-rename the "Privileges" button in the enrollment area to "Make Assistant" and rename the "Enrolled with Privileges" tab to "Assistants" -- clearly defining the difference. i.e. normal students w/ privileges no longer exist
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2006-05-17 10:29   
my vote is to add a new "group management/participation" privilege.
2006-06-05 10:57   
the groups priv now encompasses managing and participating, and the other privs do not