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0002515ATutorAdminpublic2006-06-13 06:432006-06-30 06:43
0002515: edit student pin
with the master list enabled and editing a student, the PIN field is ambiguous. does entering a pin actually change it, because when viewing the page the pin is not displayed (obviously for security reasons).

it should probably be removed from the edit page.

a "change pin" option can be added to the master list, list.
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2006-06-28 10:54   
removed 'edit pin' from admin create/edit user.

if student number is edited, delete the old one and add the new one.
2006-06-28 12:18   
we prob. still want to add a 'student id' field to the members table someday and avoid using the master list for storing that kind of info (it should only be to auth)