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0002764ATutorModulespublic2006-09-20 04:532006-11-20 08:16
0002764: Links privilege missing
Course members with the links privilege are unable to manage links.
Post a fix to the thread started by Vegard [^]
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2006-09-20 07:44   
there's no easy solution or easy way to patch this.

i think some of it has to be restructured and the logic "re-thinked".

links priv is not being used. group priv seems to be used instead.
2006-11-06 09:01   
had to fix a bunch of things, so there's no post-able solution.

right now:
groups priv = person can manage all group links
group member = can manage your group's links
links priv = can manage course links

group priv ppl cannot be in groups
everyone else (incl those w/ other privs) can.