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0002912ATutorFHApublic2007-02-12 08:592007-02-13 09:16
0002912: guest tests
make it so that guests can take a test w/o saving it to the database.

they'll click Save, then be taken to a page asking them to click on another button. that 2nd page will hide the test results in a hidden form. the subsequent page will then convert the POST data to data that looks like it comes from the database as $rows, and pass those to the question objects to show the result and mark.
or is it best to just save the data to the db anyway.

the big question is: will guests and logged-in/enrolled students be taking the same tests? would being able to view stats from guests be desirable? (i think so!)
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2007-02-12 09:01   
could this feature resolve the anonymous test problem, where it is possible to turn off 'anonymous' to reveal the test takers? (but that doesn't limit the number of times someone can take the test).