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0003009: Admin add profile picture
There needs to be a way for admins to add profile pictures for neophite Internet users. Vegard suggests allowing admins to login as a regular user, like they can login as an instructor. (more likely)

Or add the profile picture mod to admin's user edit (less likely)
I see you have a code freeze now, and you haven't replied to my post 0000003 here: [^]

I believe administrators as a rule should be able to help a user with
everything, considering the very true slogan "Make it idiot-proof, and
someone will make a better idiot".

I allready have a case where I will have to add profile pictures for some

to solve this you could add a posibility to log in as a user, maybe from the
edit user pages: /admin/edit_user.php?id=2 - or do you have any other ideas
for solving it?

best, vjo
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2007-04-03 06:10   
when editing a user account add an "add" link after "none" to allow admins to add a profile picture for that user.