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0003055ATutorAdminpublic2007-05-09 12:472007-05-28 10:47
0003055: admin: enrollment
vegard says it's not working:

Subject: bug in enrollment (as administrator) Quote this post in your reply
tried this for the first time yesterday:

* logged in as admin, went to the new enrollment part.
* chose a course -> filter
* chose the not enrolled tab, and filtered for some users (here: some users with a specific e-mail adress domain)
* chose to enroll some of these users to the course

..what happened is that they were all enrolled in the first course on the systems course list, not in the course I had chosen first. the correct course title was there all the time, and I tried this three times to confirm the bug. in short. it seems like the enrollment manager for courses does not work.

related: when you have chosen users to enroll you are asked "do you really want to enroll the following users: [....]" (or similar)

this should rather be:

"do you really want to enroll the following users: [....] in the [course name] course" [^]
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