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0003545ATutorAdminpublic2008-08-28 08:242009-07-21 08:53
0003545: admin looses theme pref
When an admin accesses a course through the Course table in which the owner of the course has their theme set to one different from the one used by the admin when in the admin area, when the admin returnes to the admin area, the course instructors theme from the course just aceessed becomes the admins display theme for that session. The systems theme is set to default, and the instructor's theme is set to default classic.

When an admin returns to the admin area after Viewing a course, the theme should switch back to the one set as the system default.
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2008-11-14 09:17   
SVN Revision: 8229

Affected script: bounce.php

Solution: assign prefs back to $_config['pref_defaults'] when return to admin area