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0003751ATutorThemepublic2009-05-21 07:292009-07-21 08:50
0003751: default15 theme password reminder bug
Thanks Rury Galbraith, for the report.
Follow these steps to reproduce the bug:

1. They click on the "Forgot your password?" link at the login page
2. They get an email with a link in it then click on the link
3. They are then prompted to enter a new password - you can enter
anything here (no letters, numbers and symbols and less than 8
characters) and it will accept it without showing a warning message.
4. They get an email confirming that their password has been changed
5. When they go to log in using their new password, they get an error
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? password_change.tmpl.php (2,382) 2009-05-21 07:30
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2009-05-21 07:33   
This is a theme problem on the default15/password_change.tmpl.php file. It does not have the extra token fields to handle the new security feature from 161. Causing the database to save all passwords to an empty string.

Replace the attached file into the default15/ theme folder and it will fix the problem.
2009-05-21 07:35   
fix: added all token fields back