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0003755: Retrieve password wrong login name
When a user uses forgot pass word, they get their first name returned as the login name, rather than the login name iteself. May be related the the desplay name setting.
The email message: Greg should be greg in line 2

Dear Greg,

Your login name is Greg.

To set a new password, follow the link below. [^]

(If this link does not take you to the site, copy and paste it into the address bar of your internet browser)

The link will become invalid after 2 days.

Sent via an ATutor system at [^]
ATutor home: [^]
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2009-06-01 10:31   
This could be a theme problem on password_reminder on the accessibility site.

Find the line with password_request2 in it.

ie. $tmp_message = _AT(array('password_request2',$reply_name, $row['login'], AT_PASSWORD_REMINDER_EXPIRY, $change_link));

the third parameter in the array should be $row['login']
2009-06-02 07:55   
only affects

The SVN seems fine.