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0003872: Resuming 1 qpp test may fail
Sometimes, when aborting and then resuming a one-question-per-page test, no questions are shown; instead, "No questions found." is displayed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a one-question-per-page test.
2. Add two questions to it (I used MA/MC, but others may be fine too).
3. Start taking the test.
4. When viewing the first question, click "Next", then "Previous".
5. Abort the test (i.e. go to any page).
6. Resume the test (i.e. go to Home -> Tests & Surveys -> [test name] -> Begin Test).
7. Here it is: 'No questions found.".

A workaround: once in such a situation, append "&pos=0" to the URL. This will switch to the first question of a test.
That suggests the bug may have something to do with calculating position ($pos in take_test_q.php) when the last question seen has been recorded ($max_pos).

Found in a local 1.6.2 installation, reproduced in the demo.
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2009-07-12 13:02   
A note: "Sometimes" in the first sentence doesn't mean a random nature of the issue. Its reproducibility is indeed "always".
2009-07-13 09:32   
SVN revision: 8683

Affected script: tools/take_test_q.php

Solution: this bug happens when user answered all the questions without cliking last "next" button. Solve it by resuming test at the last question.