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0003907ATutorPretty Urlpublic2009-08-05 08:482009-12-16 03:59
0003907: Course home page tools disappear after rearranging them
Steps to reproduce:
1. Log in as an admin.
2. Make sure that Pretty URL and/or Course Directory Name are enabled in System Preferences.
3. Log in as an instructor.
4. Create a new course and enter it.
5. Rearrange some home page tools by drag&dropping (detailed view).
6. Leave the course.
7. Enter the course again ? all the home page tools are missing.

When the tools are rearranged AT_courses.home_links gets updated. If Pretty URL and/or Course Directory Name are enabled, those paths contain the course ID. Once written the paths cannot be parsed correctly on subsequent returns to the course.

Proposed solution:
Make sure that "bare" URLs (without IDs) are written to that field.
P.S. Is it OK to mark reports "major" in a sense of "urgent", like this one? Or is there a better way to signal higher priority of issue reports?
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Urgent with no work around. In this case major but not urgent, since pretty URL can be turned off. Pretty URL needs a bit of work still. Should have most issues resolved for 1.6.4
2009-12-15 08:52   
SVN revision: 9041

Solution: modify backend php script that handles ajax call to move/delete modules, revert pretty urls back to regular urls before update them into database.

Affected scripts: