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0003911ATutorModulespublic2009-08-11 03:082009-12-01 08:41
0003911: SQL queries preceeded by comments are skipped on module installation
If a module.sql file contains a "/*"-style comment (even on a separate line), during file parsing it gets prepended to the SQL query immediately following it instead of being discarded. Supposedly, function splitSqlFile() of include/classes/sqlutility.class.php is responsible for that bug.

Once that happens, function prefixQuery() tries to detect a SQL command (like INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE TABLE etc.) at the start of the query and fails because of a comment being there. As a result, TABLE_PREFIX is never appended to the query in question and the query fails too.
That can (and, in fact, did) have effects as adverse as failing to create a table for a module to store data in.

The bug doesn't happen with "#"-style comments.
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2009-11-09 10:09   
SVN revision: 8895

Solution: handle comment signs "/* ... */". Now, the accepted comment signs in atutor sql files are: "# ", "/* ... */", "--". All comment start signs must be at the beginning of the line.

Affected scripts: include/classes/sqlutility.class.php