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0003971: Access for all fails validation in IMS CC
When we export a package with AccessForAll support, and re-import this package into the system. We will get a validation error on the imsmanifest.xml

The AccessForAll we use is based on ISO, and the imsmanifest is from IMS Global. The validator doesn't contain the XSD for the AccessForAll.
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2009-10-21 09:00   
Fix: Either to include the XSD for AccessForAll or to by pass validation when AccessForAll is in the package.

We will by pass the validation for now because ISO doesn't have a XSD for AccessForAll yet. Also, if the export is from ATutor, we can generally assume that it's valid when we are importing it back to ATutor.

Note: If user decides to export AccessForAll content from ATutor and import them into other IMS system, it might fail.