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0004295ATutorThemepublic2010-05-18 11:382010-09-22 11:50
0004295: An issue with system preference "Theme Specific Categories"
Steps to re-produce:
1. Log in an go to the System Preferences page. Set "Theme Specific Categories" to Enabled and Save.
2. Go to the Default Preferences page where you will see the message "The personal theme preference has been disabled in favour of theme specific categories."
3. Change nothing on the form but click Apply. You will now see the broken page (no theme defined).
4. Close browser, reopen and ctl-f5 to clear cache.
5. Log back in, go to the Default Preferences page to confirm it is still broken.
6. Close browser and reopen, ctl-f5 to clear cache.
7. Log back in then go to the System Preferences page and set Theme Specific Categories to Disabled and click Save.
8. Go to the Themes page and change the current theme default to anything else, save and then change back to your desired default theme.
9. Go to the Default Preferences page and click Apply. Everything now works.

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2010-05-18 11:44   
SVN revision: 9936

1. in, set theme to "default" when it's not specified;
2. at saving "default preference", only save the theme when it's specified.
Patch 0000011 is published for the fix.

Affected scripts: