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0004350ATutor- no cat -public2010-06-23 18:312010-09-22 11:52
0004350: upload jpg course icon when not supported
when uploading a jpg course icon, when jpeg support supported in not available, a blank screen results.

php 5.3.2
fyi could not get jpeg enabled using --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/lib where lives.
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related to 0004349closed harris check for jpeg support at install 
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2010-07-05 12:29   
svn: 10063
2010-07-05 13:54   
the jpeg check works, but below it now lists mbstring as missing, though above it says enabled:

ATutor has indicated that the 'mbstring' library is missing from the PHP.
We strongly encourage you to install the 'mbstring' library before continuing, however, if you choose not to install the library from PHP, a third party library within ATutor will be used.

For production systems, we strongly encourage you to install the PHP with mbstring support.

You may choose to by pass the mbstring check for the installation at your own risk by clicking continue.
2010-07-05 13:55   
The installer lists the missing jpeg lib as an error, rather than a warning. It should be listed as a warning with the exclamation mark instand of the X
2010-07-06 06:06   
svn: 10064