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0004508ATutorFile Managerpublic2010-08-24 04:322010-09-22 11:51
0004508: Memory exhausted error when importing large files
Despite upload/post files sizes set large, when uploading anything more than about 20mb, ATutor times out, producing an exhuasted memory error. [^]
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2010-09-10 11:10   
1. Memory exhausted issue at download a large CC has been fixed by reading and sending the download file in chunks, 3k at a time.
SVN revision: 10170
Affected: include/classes/zipfile.class.php

2. The blank page is given at importing a large common cartridge is because the script stops at unzipping the uploaded file. In more detail, stops at include/classes/pclzip.lib.php, line 3888. Function gzinflate() ceases without any return. This issue happens especially when there's a large file in CC. If the zip file is composed of many small files, should be ok. pclzip creators realize the issue as well. See: [^]

The solution is to increase memory_limit in php.ini. To handle a 25M video in CC, memory_limit needs to be around 80M.

A FAQ in handbook needs to be set up to answer this type of user inquiry.
2010-09-21 12:14   
Sort of fixed. PclZIP needs reworking to better use of memory. It zips into memory instead of temp files, thus is very memory intensive. A FAQ has been posted describing the issue with biug files.