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0004634ATutorContentpublic2010-12-01 14:292010-12-20 10:19
0004634: Allow user to choose how glossary links are displayed
Currently links to glossary items are shown through a "?" after the word that has a glossary entry. Hovering over the "?" shows a preview of the glossary entry and clicking on the "?" links to the glossary entry.

User testing showed that users with low vision found the "?" particularly irritating and where not sure what this symbol meant. Users said that a "normal" link might work much better.

The behaviour is that of a link, since clicking on the "?" links to the glossary, and as such it should look like a link.

In order to allow users that are used to the "?" have this in the future and other users to see a link instead there should be a user option that allows the user to easily switch how the glossary links are displayed.
I change the code on my installation to always show the glossary link as link, however I left the existing code in place. All that is needed is to replace the if (true) with a if statement that depends on the user choice.

// Armin 06.10.2010: Fix to change glossary links into real links
            // if statement needs to be a condition depending on settings
            if (true) {
                $input = preg_replace
            else {
                if ($simple) {
                    $input = preg_replace
                } else {
                    $input = preg_replace
            // Armin 06.10.2010 End
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2010-12-07 11:19   
Modified to replace the sup question mark with underlines for glossary items. Won't provide an option to choose sup question.