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0004754ACheckerAChecker web sitepublic2011-04-13 12:392018-03-08 13:27
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0004754: Clicking the result tab wipes out the result and re-direct to the "index.php" with the input form only
This only happens at the result page that is from validating referer URIs, which come from clicking a seal.

How to produce:
1. go to, [^] go to the end of the page, click on the AChecker seal
2. the page is re-directed to, with the page re-validated
3. click on any one of the result tabs, for example, "potential problem"
4. the list of problems quickly flicks and disappears, the page then goes to index.php with the input form only. The result tab is gone.
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2011-04-13 12:42   
Solution: in attribute "href" of the <a> link for any of the result tabs, use "javascript: void(0);" instead of "index.php#output_div".

Affected: themes/default/checker/checker_results.tmpl.php