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0004881ATutorInstallationpublic2011-10-08 13:322012-07-26 10:00
Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.2Ubuntu Linux 10.04
7e85ff5..158092c atutor_2_0_3-multisite -> atutor_2_0_3-multisite
0004881: Installer doesn't check if Javascript is enabled before the account-creation step - passwords are not submitted.
If the web browser does not have Javascript enabled during installation everything can appear to be OK until the account-created step is reached.

At this point, even when the user enters passwords for the Admin and User accounts, the server responds to form submission with "empty password" error messages with no clue that Javascript is required to submit them.
Make a new installation without Javascript enabled on the browser. Enter passwords in the account creation form and POST.
The pre-requisites step that shows tick-boxes against all requirements should also test for and report Javascript being enabled.

This would be simple to do. Have hard-coded HTML that shows it with the "X" fault icon so that if Javascript is disabled this will show the fault. Have a Javascript function that changes the state of this table row to show the OK tick.
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