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commit 10e8f89f570a1554c53107e35fba5ae9942e547d
0004951: Change PWD 463 Error
Dear Sir,
First of all, thank you for developing AChecker. I found some bug/problem in using AChecker and would like to notify you or seek for your help.
1) There is a PHP error in line 463 when I try to change the password of my registered account. It occure both in my self hosted AChecker and
2) When using web service api, the URL is submitted correctly but it keeps loading for a very long time in my web browser, it seem not result is return. In compare, it just toke few seconds to see the report when using web form to submit.
Did I use it incorectly?
Keny Yuen
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2012-11-27 11:14   
corrected typos in setPasswords() function