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0004955ATutorSessionpublic2012-02-16 09:562012-07-26 10:00
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0004955: timeout warning needed
A login timeout is currently set to 15 minutes, a reasonable amount of time to ensure those accessing via public workstations are logged out if they leave a session without logging out. But, this may not be long enough for someone authoring content of forums posts for instance (even though they should be writing long texts in an editor). As per WCAG 2.0 0000002.2.1 a warning should popup a minute or two before the timeout occurs that allows a user to extend the session for another 15 minutes.
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2012-06-07 15:05   
Created new jquery based timeout warning dialog. Reset session.gc_maxlife to 20 minutes, from 10 hours, when expired, triggers the timeout warning. User has 5 minutes to respond either logout or continue the session, and if no response, is automatically logged out
2012-07-26 10:00   
closed for ATutor 2.1