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0004988ATutorPretty Urlpublic2012-05-31 12:082012-08-31 17:48
0004988: pretty URL fails in multisite
Pretty URL does not work on a multisite sub site. always redirects back to the course home page.
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2012-05-31 12:10   
so does course name in URLs
2012-07-25 16:05   
Pretty URL seems to work on its own for both main and sub sites. When course name url is turned on and a name for a site is defined in its course properties, that breaks for subsites but not for the main site. When course name is turned on but a name has not been set, things work okay.

No php errors get generated, unfortunately.

2012-07-25 16:31   
The problem seems to be at line 85/86 in include/classes/UrlRewrite/UrlParser.class.php. For some reason the query does not return a value, though if the sql is run manually, the course_id is returned. $course_id always returns as 0.
2012-07-26 09:28   
The problem seems to be related to the database connection. When on MyStart for instance, a list of the subsite's courses are displayed. If you force the course_id to 1 so you can get into the course, it gets the course from the main site's db. Thus if you name the course name url value the same in both the subsite and main site course properties, course name url works, though you get the course from the main site displayed on the subsite.
2012-07-26 13:15   
Solution: Calculates the site path and includes the correct

Affected: go.php
2012-08-31 17:48   
closed in ATutor 2.1