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0005041ATutorPreferencespublic2012-07-26 10:282012-08-31 17:48
0005041: Direct Jump pref setting not working
When direct jump preferecne is turned on, user is always sent to the course hopme page, instead of the same tool in the target course.
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2012-07-26 15:40   
The "direct jump" works fine. The problem was that the enabling of this pref is not saved and populated properly into session prefs.

Another finding with the behavior of enabled direct jump pref is that, if you are in the content editor of one course and jump to another course, the page won't be re-directed to the content editor again, instead users get to the course home page, which is because accessing content editor requires a content id in the url which is apparently missing in another course. However, if you were at forum index page or file storage index page, the redirection would be maintained when jumping to another course.

Affected: mods/_core/users/lib/
2012-08-31 17:48   
closed in ATutor 2.1