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0005092ATutorInstallationpublic2012-10-17 14:532013-02-11 12:04
commit a395433
0005092: sqlutility and from in language text
Every instance of the word "from" in the language text has the word that follows appended with the table prefix when ATutor is installed. A result of the update to teh sqlutility to process subqueries using FROM as the search term.
Get the latest ATutor code instance from the github (2.1) run installation till Step 3. At the step 3 open database and check for the AT_CONFIRM_DELETE_TEST_FROM_GRADEBOOK in AT_language_text.

You will notice that one of the nouns got prefixed
Are you sure you want to delete test %s from AT_gradebook?
ATutor will need to be rebundled. (should we create a minor release or reissue 2.1? something to think about.)
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Fixed and rebundled ATutor 2.1
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closed for 2.1.1