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    ReporterPID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  greg00026621   []
majornew2006-07-19unable to access langagues on atutorsvn
  greg0002301    [ACollab]
featurenew2006-01-27chat 10 sec interval
  greg0002298    []
minorresolved (greg)2006-01-20google search broken
  greg0002289    []
minornew2006-01-08Forums feed in the not updating
  greg0002212    [ACollab]
minornew2005-12-02members can delete other members files
  greg0002093    [ACollab]
minornew2005-10-11title translation
  greg0002092    [ACollab]
minornew2005-10-11can create empty folder
  user20001985    []
minornew2005-07-18php warnings/errors
  greg0001802    [ACollab]
minornew2005-06-10Translate variable bug
  greg0001776    []
featurenew2005-06-01translation site search tool should search text
  greg0001585    [ACollab]
minornew2005-04-24inbox notification
  greg0001540    [ACollab]
minornew2005-04-19Translation of multimeaning words
  shozub0001496    [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-30Common member ids between Atutor and ACollab cause confusion
  greg0001494    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-29library defaults to top level emtpy folder
  greg0001493    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-29no upload field when there are no files
  greg0001495    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-29library files uploaded to nowhere
  shozub00014601   [ACollab]
  shozub0001461    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-21User Online
  shozub0001462    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-18send message - send_delete not translated
  greg0001421    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-10No folders found
  greg00014261   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-101.2RC1 inbox not working
  greg0001411    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-08chat transcript not maintained after upgrade
  shozub0001417    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-08library download link is off
  shozub00014151   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-08Upgrade: events files not hooked up correctly
  greg0001407    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-071.2rc1 Group admin can change own status
  greg0001410    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-07chat not functioning after upgrade
  greg00014121   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-07missing language from notify opetions screen
  greg0001413    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-07notifications not saved.
  greg00014091   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-07step three language
  greg0001408    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-07note 3 in step 1 of upgrade
  heidi00013592   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04forums notify
  heidi00013572   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04file notifys
  heidi00013631   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04upgrading
  heidi00013671   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-04events files
  heidi00013611   [ACollab]
minorfeedback2005-03-04chat problems
  heidi0001358    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04forum notify: wrong msg
  heidi00013552   [ACollab]
trivialresolved (shozub)2005-03-04notifys: add title of group
  heidi00013624   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-04add events
  heidi00013511   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04lib: add file error checking
  heidi00013541   [ACollab]
featureresolved (shozub)2005-03-04remove time or allow diff. time zones
  heidi0001356    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04add event: missing lang
  heidi00013641   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04cancel creating DR folders
  heidi00013521   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04members online
  heidi0001360    [ACollab]
featurenew2005-03-02personal folders removed
  heidi00013531   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-02adding members to group
  greg00013441   []
minornew2005-02-28Export language status
  greg00013391   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-181.1 duplicate calendar entries
  greg00013401   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-18Library file are locked
  shozub0001338    [ACollab]
tweaknew2005-02-17drafting/finalize.php not needed?
  shozub00013352   [ACollab]
majorresolved (shozub)2005-02-17Cant see more than two posts in thread!
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