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    ReporterPID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  heidi00013631   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04upgrading
  heidi00013671   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-04events files
  heidi00013611   [ACollab]
minorfeedback2005-03-04chat problems
  heidi0001358    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04forum notify: wrong msg
  heidi00013552   [ACollab]
trivialresolved (shozub)2005-03-04notifys: add title of group
  heidi00013624   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-04add events
  heidi00013511   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04lib: add file error checking
  heidi00013541   [ACollab]
featureresolved (shozub)2005-03-04remove time or allow diff. time zones
  heidi0001356    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04add event: missing lang
  heidi00013641   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04cancel creating DR folders
  heidi00013521   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-03-04members online
  heidi0001360    [ACollab]
featurenew2005-03-02personal folders removed
  heidi00013531   [ACollab]
minornew2005-03-02adding members to group
  greg00013441   []
minornew2005-02-28Export language status
  greg00013391   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-181.1 duplicate calendar entries
  greg00013401   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-18Library file are locked
  shozub0001338    [ACollab]
tweaknew2005-02-17drafting/finalize.php not needed?
  shozub00013352   [ACollab]
majorresolved (shozub)2005-02-17Cant see more than two posts in thread!
  shozub0001328    [ACollab]
minornew2005-02-14files not used in acollab-achat that should be removed frm svn
  shozub00013221   [ACollab]
minornew2005-02-14Exiting chat from atutor integrated version
  shozub0001327    [ACollab]
minornew2005-02-14admin/files_type_create.php is it needed?
  shozub0001326    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-14When logged in as admin and deleting language
  shozub0001325    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-14upgrading/installation - is writeable after install
  shozub00012991   [ACollab]
minorfeedback (shozub)2005-02-10Atutor Integration - logout bug
  shozub00013201   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09missing language
  shozub0001306    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Mailing List doesnt work
  shozub00013191   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09deleting a user, folder not reassigned / files not deleted if user was the last user deleted
  shozub0001310    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09error when deleting group as group admin
  shozub0001311    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Deleting a group
  shozub00013121   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Regular users can add files to Library
  shozub0001318    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Deleting a user, file reassignment doesnt work properly
  shozub0001307    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Missing language in group_admin/mailing_list.php
  shozub0001317    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09deleting file from drafting room doesnt update events_files entry
  shozub0001321    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Upgrade: chat transcript missing, messages sent/recieved missing
  shozub0001315    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Delete from From Library not working
  shozub0001313    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Edit Drafting Room File: public folder displayed as personal folder
  shozub0001303    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Editing User Information: Adress Gets Copied to City name
  shozub0001314    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Disabled Personal Folder, yet still shows up as an option when uploading a file
  shozub0001304    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Notifications: can set even if not in any group
  shozub0001305    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Mailing List breaks from admin login:
  shozub0001316    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Notification should not be sent when a file is added to a personal folder
  shozub0001308    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-09Library: Able to upload file to users personal Folder
  shozub0001309    [ACollab]
minornew2005-02-08Missing Language in AChat
  greg0000871    [ACollab]
tweakresolved (shozub)2005-02-081.1 HowTo Inbox cross group recipients
  greg00008591   [ACollab]
tweakresolved (shozub)2005-02-071.1 Group admin not in inbox list
  user200012431   [ACollab]
minorfeedback2005-02-07missing language
  greg00012511   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-07field fopr upload dir too short
  user20000788    [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-07calendar attach file
  shozub00013001   [ACollab]
minorresolved (shozub)2005-02-07Event File Upload Decision
  greg00008481   [ACollab]
tweakresolved (shozub)2005-02-071.1 remove sign out link on create group page
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