Banner Program

About the Banner Program

The ATutor banner program has been created to allow ATutor community members to show off their classrooms. It reflects ATutor's adaptability to support a wide range of virtual classrooms, represented by the diversity of classrooms in the real world.

Guidelines for Submitting a Banner

There are a few things you need to attend to to have your classroom added to the banner rotation. Be sure to follow these guidelines when preparing or choosing a photo to submit:

  1. Banner Format: All banners must be submitted in jpg or png image format.
  2. Banner Resolution: Use a good digital camera to take your photo, so the resolution is high, and the photo can be edited without loosing the clarity of the image. Don't use your cell phone to take the photo.
  3. Banner Size: Minimum width 1024px. Reduce the photo to less than 1mb file size. Submit the whole photo, and we will select a slice across the image to be used as the banner.
  4. People's Faces: If you are including the faces of people in your photo, be sure they agree to have their likeness appear in the banner. In most cases banners are faded and faces are non-discernible, but in some cases it may be possible to see faces.
  5. Lighting:: Be sure your photo is taken in good lighting. Dark photos, or over exposed photos may not adapt well when edited into a banner.
  6. Licensing: The photo you submit must be yours, or you must have permission from the photographer to use the image, or it must be available under a Creative Commons License.
  7. Naming Your Banner: Each community submitted banner will include sub-text describing where the image comes from. Include a short description of your classroom so people know where it came from. Examples: "Mrs. Smith's Science Class," "The Main Lecture Hall at Trinty College, Toronto," "Room 217 Hallworth Academy, London."

Banner Examples

When we have your classroom image, we will cut a slice from it to be the banner. When you are taking your photo, keep this in mind, so it is easy for us to choose an area that shows a good representation of your classroom. See the banners below, for examples of slices taken from classroom photos. The following banners are displayed at 50% their actual size. Using your mouse, right click and select from the menu that appears to view the full sized image.

Submit Your Banner

If you've followed the guidelines above, and you are happy with the photo of your classromm, follow the link below to submit your banner candidate image. Banner Submission
Submit a Banner Candidate Photo!