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Bug IDSummaryDescription
5630 Missing Import/Export Module

Status: New
Date Submitted: 1454631733
Last Updated: 1454631733
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Open

The list of core module shows Import/Export missing. Probably very old, replace by imscc etc.

Remove from atutor_schema.sql, and add to upgrade to 2.2.2
5624 Upload width custom icon

Status: Resolved
Date Submitted: 1452122926
Last Updated: 1452123185
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

A custom icon that is both higher and wider than the allowed default sizes, resizes to a small square. need to take both hieght and width ratios into account when resizing
5158 SCORM Module titles not UTF-8?

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1358868430
Last Updated: 1452109738
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

There appears to be an issue with SCO titles. The following describes the problem, though I think the solution is more of a work-around than a fix.

3983 List of extra, duplicate and missing langvars in 1.6.3

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1257329714
Last Updated: 1452108075
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

Below are lists of extra, duplicate and missing language variables in 1.6.3 langpacks. I prepend "$" to their names for clarity.

Language vars unused in PHP code, may be removed from the DB at any time (unless they exist for features soon to be implemented):
$added_member (as opposed to $added_members)
$alternatives (as opposed to $alternatives_to)
$avoid_* (not implemented yet?)
$invite_group (as opposed to $invite_groups)
$next_previous_buttons (as opposed to $show_next_previous_buttons)
$not_added_member (as opposed to $not_added_members)
$resource_language (as opposed to $primary_resource_language and $secondary_resource_language)
$resource_type (as opposed to $primary_resource_type and $secondary_resource_type)
$table_of_content (as opposed to $table_of_contents)

Duplicate langvars, should be replaced in the next version with the ones in the parentheses, and removed from the DB:
$audio (not sure; assuming it's the same as $auditory)
$degrees (identical to $degree; the only page where $degrees appears, a singular form $degree should be used instead as it's a table header)
$dob (identical to $date_of_birth)
$institution (identical to $university)
$sign_language (identical to $sign_lang)
$AT_CONFIRM_GRANT_WRITE_PERMISSION (there's $grant_write_permission serving the same purpose)
$AT_CONFIRM_REMOVE_WRITE_PERMISSION (there's $remove_write_permission)

Langvars missing from the DB, should be added in the next version:
5510 Installation fails with a fatal error if the database to be created already exists

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1408629731
Last Updated: 1452108075
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

1. Make sure ATutor is using mysqli and mysqli is enabled @ https://github.com/atutor/ATutor/blob/master/include/lib/vital_funcs.inc.php#L17-L19

2. Make sure the database to be created at the installation is already exists;

3. Install ATutor till the step where the database credentials are provided and click "Next" button at that step;

This error shows up:

Fatal error: Call to a member function real_escape_string() on a non-object in /Users/cindyli/Development/ATutor/include/lib/mysql_connect.inc.php on line 141
5621 Enrollme link in course header covered

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1452021906
Last Updated: 1452108075
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

Enrollme link in course header is partially covered default theme
5622 admin edit albums incremented

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1452031675
Last Updated: 1452108075
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

The admins Photo Gallery manager links to albums have an if one less than what they are supposed to be.

5623 handbook links not linked

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1452033819
Last Updated: 1452108075
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

Handbook links have lost their direct link to the relevant page in the handbook.
5299 subscribe.class.php dynamic SQL and queryDB

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1375826086
Last Updated: 1452096321
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

How to accommodate the following scenario with queryDB() in subscribe.class.php

line 36+/-
$ent_param = $this->entity_switch($entity_type);
$sql = ($ent_param) ? "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $ent_param[sub_table] WHERE member_id = '$member_id' AND $ent_param[sub_id] = '$entity_id'" : false;
5300 Autoenroll fails with email confirmation

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1376419414
Last Updated: 1452094851
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Unable to Duplicate

When autoenroll is setup, and email conformation on registration is turned on, enrollment in courses fails.
5290 check email confirmation with queryDB

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1375630294
Last Updated: 1452094182
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Check that email confirmation is being generated correctly when using queryDB() and at_insert_id() in registration.php
4570 check userplane module

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1286354830
Last Updated: 1452094146
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

confirm the userplane module is working.

5069 Error at uploading a backup

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1347368615
Last Updated: 1452094099
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed

Reported by http://atutor.ca/view/7/23542/1.html

Getting this message at uploading a backup: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _FILES in C:\xampp\htdocs\ATutor\mods\_core\backups\classes\Backup.class.php on line 151
5094 Investigate SCORM with atsp

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1351339593
Last Updated: 1452093793
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Investigate what it would take to add the SCORM module to atutorspaces.
5059 Module redirect to settings

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1346018016
Last Updated: 1452093334
Severity: Feature
Resolution: Won't Fix

Modules to add a redirect to the module's settings page if new module and settings are not yet set.


4012 fluid auto-truncate?

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1258300591
Last Updated: 1452093277
Severity: Feature
Resolution: Won't Fix

Does fluid have an auto-truncate feature, so text fits into width of various block elements?
3906 Master list encryption

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1249385304
Last Updated: 1452093240
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Currently the birthday in the master list are encrypted with md5. Should we upgrade this to sha1?

If so, after changing the encryption method, the master_list table would have to be wiped; because there is no way of matching a sha1(data) with a md5(data).

Files that need changes would be:
registration.php (replace md5 with sha1)
admin/master_list.php (replace md5 with sha1)
5137 Horizontal MC Questions missing

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1356885307
Last Updated: 1452093209
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

The option to arrange MC answers horizontally seems to be missing.
3965 Import parts of a partly auth'd CC

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1255609597
Last Updated: 1452093099
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

It seems like the not authorized content in test cartridge ccvtd0014v1p06.zip should import, while the auth content should not, with a message stating something like "this part of the content XXXXX could not be imported" etc.

For now I think just fail on the whole cartridge, but for the future have the import import what it can. If we can do that now without too much trouble lets do it. Otherwise, leave it til later.
3967 Changing the path of Content folder

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1255611173
Last Updated: 1452093023
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

For some reasons after changing the content folder path after installation, the system fails. RSS fails and import fails.
3852 Gradebook point values

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1245928450
Last Updated: 1452092673
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Marks such as 75.32 are not supported in the grade book, but should be. When defining a grade scale it should be possible to define marks to the second decimal.

see: http://www.atutor.ca/view/17/17850/1.html
3823 Fluid theme while viewing a gadget

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1244985156
Last Updated: 1452092619
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

in the fluid theme, when viewing an individual gadget, the content menu floats below the gadgets when it is positioned to the right side
3884 Userplane mod errors

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1248002155
Last Updated: 1452092580
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Userplane mod generated an error "invslid domain id" from demo163 site
3888 Rewrite container.js

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1248343025
Last Updated: 1452092550
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Rewrite container.js using jquery, instead of prototype.
3891 Gadgets break when SEP is ;

Status: Closed
Date Submitted: 1248371351
Last Updated: 1452092527
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Won't Fix

Shindig does not render gadgets properly when the semi-colon is used as a separator in urls.