Courseware Accessibility Study - 1999


Courseware Product Name      
SUMMARY SHEET Designer Inherent Combined
  Utilities Features  
Access Support 17 46 63
Information 0 0 0
Courseware Components 27 17 44
Total Accessibility     107
Total Access Support (Column F) 17 46 63
Total Functionality (Column G) 52 124 176
Access Support Functionality Ratio 0.327 0.371 0.349
Courseinfo is quite functional, offering a wide variety of courseware tools. It accessibility is low however, primarily      
the result of inconsistent use of ALT text, use of frames, and use of table to format layout of wrapped text. The      
designer's view is somewhat less accessible than the student view. Layout and asthetics of CourseInfo are      
pleasing to the eye, but those using adaptive technologies would have difficulty navigating through a course.