Courseware Accessibility Study - 1999

Lotus Learning Space

Courseware Product Name      
Lotus Learning Space      
SUMMARY SHEET Designer Inherent Combined
  Utilities Features  
Access Support 89 106 195
Information 0 0 0
Courseware Components 14 24 38
Total Accessibility     233
Total Access Support (Column F) 89 106 195
Total Functionality (Column G) 116 240 356
Access Support Functionality Ratio 0.767 0.442 0.604
Learning Space is a highly functional course authoring package that offers a wide variety of pedogogical tools      
in a relatively accessible environment. It does not provide ALT text for default images created by LS such as      
navigation buttons, but does allow the designer to include ALT text for added images. Inconsistency between      
various views requires a user to familarize her/himself with a new layout for each of the package tools. Frames are      
frequently without an alternative; more so in the designer view. Tables have been used correctly so that wrapped      
text in consecutive cells does not occur. Like each of the other packages assessed in this study, LS does not      
reference accessibility issues in the help files or context sensitive help.