Courseware Accessibility Study - 1999


Courseware Product Name      
SUMMARY SHEET Designer Inherent Combined
  Utilities Features  
Access Support 16 32 48
Information 0 0 0
Courseware Components 13 6 19
Total Accessibility     67
Total Access Support (Column F) 16 32 48
Total Functionality (Column G) 56 140 196
Access Support Functionality Ratio 0.286 0.229 0.257
WebCT is quite functional, providing a wide variety of tools and utilites, however little attention has been paid to      
accessibility. No mention of accessibility issues are made in the help files. For the experienced HTML author      
work around methods are possible for things such ALT text for icons and images, correct use of tables in which      
wrapped text does not occur in consecutive row cells, and frames can be bypassed by linking to content outside      
the WebCT scripts, though the latter results in loss of data collected which in the framed version of a course.