Courseware Accessibility Study - 1999

Courseware Product Name      
Web Knowledge Forum (WebKF)      
SUMMARY SHEET Designer Inherent Combined
  Utilities Features  
Access Support 8 94 102
Information 0 0 0
Courseware Components 0 15 15
Total Accessibility     117
Total Access Support (Column F) 8 94 102
Total Functionality (Column G) 24 120 144
Access Support Functionality Ratio 0.333 0.783 0.558
Webkf is a knowledge building package that differs somewhat from the other packages analyzed. Its central feature      
is its communication system. Content consists of messages posted to the Bulletin Board, which can be linked      
to each other to provide references from other messages. As a result WebKF does not have the tradition course      
Home Page, Tools, or Content as described in other packages. Although WebKF is relatively accessible, the use      
of tables to format the layout of the navigation system will present barriers for those using adaptive technologies to      
access messages. Though no ALT text is provided for the few images that appear, this is not a concern since      
only a couple images appear throughout for decorative purposes only. The large collection of links at the side or top      
of a view will slow navigation for those using a screen reader. An extra link which gives user the option of skipping      
the navigational links would be preferred.