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Accessibility Auditing

Five types of accessibility audits are available, based on AODA, WCAG2, U.S. ADA, or U.S. Section 508 standards. Audits include a consultation with your Web development staff to answer any questions that arise after applying the recommendations made in an Audit Report.

Template Audit:

A Template Audit is a detailed evaluation of a number of page templates on a Web site, including navigation and layout elements common throughout the site. This evaluation is useful during the site development phase, but will also be useful for developers modifying existing sites to meet accessibility standards. This tends to be the most economical audit, and the most effective, addressing site-wide accessibility problems.

General Audit:

A General Audit is based on a review of a sampling of a variety of pages from a Web site. Barriers are reported once along with examples where they occur, and techniques that correct these barriers are provided. This evaluation is intended to offer Web designers a set of site specific guidelines that can be applied throughout a site to improve its overall accessibility. A General Audit acts as a learning tool for site developers, helping them identify potential barriers and apply strategies as part of their typical development practice. A General Audit is often conducted in combination with a Template Audit to address potential barriers in the content itself in addition to addressing barriers found in the Web site's common elements.

Detailed Audit:

A Detailed Audit is typically conducted on Web applications, specific functionality within a Web site, or on Web content that caters to a specific audience that requires accessibility accommodations. They are not typically conducted on whole Web sites. These audits report on the accessibility of content on every unique page on a Web site, reporting all barriers found on a site, and providing potential solutions to correct them.

Follow-Up Audit:

After addressing barriers identified in an audit and applying the strategies recommended, the Follow-Up Audit provides a review of a site after completion, reporting on any new or outstanding access barriers.

Compliance Audit:

Compliance Audits are available for Web applications that have specific version releases. A Compliance Audit is a detailed evaluation of all functionality in an application, consultation during the development phase, and a follow-up prior to a software release. Note that Compliance Audits are not provided for typical Web sites due to their changing nature.


For a quote on an accessibility audit use the Contact Us form, including the type of audit you are requesting, as well as the URL to your Web site, or a description of the application to be reviewed. You will typically be asked to provide a list of 15 to 20 URLs to pages on your Web site with different types of content, including things like form pages, data laid out in tables, multimedia, login or access points, and search features etc.