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LTI in 3rd party LMS that references stored files

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Subject: LTI in 3rd party LMS that references stored filesQuote this post in your reply

I am trying to link to files stored within the AContent system from a 3rd party LMS such as Moodle and Blackboard. The initial hand-off works great to any page built from within AContent itself; however, I'm trying include file based content that has been uploaded as HTML through the file manager and that is where the problem is. AContent is acting as if the user isn't logged in even though the LTI handshake appears to have gone through just fine.

Have a look at this URL as I've marked the content public:

If you click any of the links on that page they should load fine. However, if you close your browser and reopen then attempt to go to any of the URLs directly you get a 404 even though that is the URL that AContent is referening. Such as with this URL:

Now it seems pretty obvious that if you go to the above URL directly, AContent has not established the access to that content so of course it will fail; however, if done in the context of LTI this shouldn't have been an issue.

Say for example I've included the URL to AContent (the one with the CID) as the "Launch URL" in Moodle and put in the proper keys. The external tool provider in Moodle works great and loads the page properly. However any of the links on the page still do not function. In other words, it behaves as if the authentication never occurred, which perhaps it didn't. For what it's worth I have marked the lesson as private thereby requiring a login and it still functions properly from within Moodle, just not the referenced files. So I'm not quite sure what exactly is or is not happening.

So the main question is, can content be linked to via LTI? Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Am I just missing something really obvious?


Things to describe:
operating system - Cent OS 5.8
version of AContent - 01/31/13 GIT Commit (latest as of this writing)
versions of php - 5.3.19
version of mysql - 5.5.28
webserver & version - Apache 2.2.3
AContent location-
Browers - All, tested on PC and Mac.
Posted: 2013-02-12 15:13:43

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Subject: Re: LTI in 3rd party LMS that references stored filesQuote this post in your reply
This issue is the main reason we have not yet released AContent 1.3. The OAuth authentication is not yet in place. Currently you can only open AContent for viewing via LTI, and must manually login to make any changes.

The developer who was working on this was pulled onto another project for a while (he's a volunteer), but we hope to have him back soon to finish this up.
Posted: 2013-02-24 15:05:31
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