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AContent lesson/qeustion creation planning

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Subject: AContent lesson/qeustion creation planningQuote this post in your reply
I hope that someone can help me with this:

I have several lessons covering individual concepts. Let's call them A, B and C. Each of these has a bank of questions. Each bank has about 100 questions.

I would like to create a comprehensive test that draws from each of these banks of questions.

So far I have a "lesson" called D that serves as a placeholder for the comprehensive test. I can export the questions from A, B and C and then import them to D.

The trouble is that this seems cumbersome, and seems to "duplicate" information already in the database. Is there some way of accessing one or more common bank of questions without the export/import?

One reason for wishing for this is because over time I plan on expanding the size of the question pools. It will be tedious to have to either export and import individual additions or re-create them in the comprehensive test question pool.

In my actual situation, I have 8 lessons that I would like an overall comprehensive test for.

Thanks for any link / suggestions.

Posted: 2013-02-25 22:44:16

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Subject: Re: AContent lesson/qeustion creation planningQuote this post in your reply
There isn't an easy way to do this just yet. Currently test questions are owned by a course/lesson, so sharing them across courses won't work.

It might be a good feature to add to the "Feature Requests" forum. If others like the idea, we can add it to the feature tracker, and if the opportunity arises get shared question banks added for a future release.

The only thing I might suggest for the short term, is including all your lessons and questions in the same course. Though they are called lessons to prompt smaller units of content, and AContent lesson could potentially be an entire course.
Posted: 2013-03-05 21:18:46
Subject: Re: AContent lesson/qeustion creation planningQuote this post in your reply
If you are asking for help, provide lots of detail so problems can be reproduced.

Things to describe:
Operating system ATutor is installed on -
ATutor version -
Patch #s applied -
ATutor theme name -
PHP version -
MySQL version -
Webserver & version -
Copies of error messages -
Changes to default settings -
Web browser being used -
...and anything else relevant -


I teach similar classes at different universities, which operate on different timetables, so I want to be able to set up different classes
with the same test materials. What you have suggested here is that is isn't possible to do so. Can you confirm that? If so I would certainly want the solution you suggest.
Posted: 2013-03-19 20:16:04
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